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The Kahraman: Natural Baltic Amber Royal Treatment

Our amber royal treatment delivers a powerful two hours long bio-energetic therapeutic spa experience. Amber is an organic substance, a fossilized resin from ancient Baltic forests, guarded in the ground by nature itself, a precious time capsule - a true gift of nature.

 This royal treatment begins with recreating the atmosphere of the ancient baltic forests – using a flower water spray along with a revealing foot ritual. This is followed by a full body exfoliation: your therapist will envelop your body in soothing argan & sweet almond oil, and proceed to sprinkle on, the magical grains of golden amber powder exfoliator salts. The soothing scent evokes the atmosphere of the ancient forests, a sweetness to awaken the senses. Step into the shower and wash of the Dead Sea salt grains so that you may now immerse into a 45/ 75 minute long body massage ritual that will awaken and restore the mind-body-spirit balance, it will alleviate stress or anxiety, will boost awareness, concentration and reflexes.

120 Mins         685 AED    


Salt Of The Earth 

Let us sweep you away on a scented journey!
Allow us to introduce you the world of luxury & exotic fragrances. This particular therapy enables you to blend your very own detoxifying mineral salt, scrub, mask or cream, which are infused with an exotic seasonal scents and 72 trace minerals for a rich hydrating body experience which has come to you all the way from The Great Salt Lake of Utah, USA.

Also Known as America's Dead Sea - The Great Salt Lake is rich with minerals that are essential for the overall health of the body and skin. Let your body get drenched with this rich mineral complex to give you that extra pep in your step - literally.

The journey further continues with a pampered full body massage, in which your entire body is drenched with whipped mineral cream.

90 Mins         630 AED


Lava Shell Massage

For an ultimate calming massage, the lava shell relax treatment is a soothing solution. As the marine, polished sea shells are glided smoothly over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of tranquility. Experience deep tissue relaxation of your feet, legs, back and shoulders as the therapist eases the tension knots, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance to your mind, body and soul.

60 Mins         500 AED  |  90 Mins         685 AED

Glacial Shell Massage

Glacial Shell treatments are an excellent modality for skin maintenance. Cold therapy is ideal for increasing cell rejuvenation, improving skin tone, boosting collagen production, reducing signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting skin tightening.
The cold from the glacial shells happily shocks the body into action by increasing blood circulation and boosting the immune and central nervous systems.

60 Mins         500 AED  |  90 Mins         685 AED


Hot & Cold Massage

A refreshing therapeutic full body massage that is a combination of heat and ice therapy that rescues your tensed and inflammed muscles leaving you feeling invigorated and your body purified.

Lose yourself in a number of our signature treatments or perhaps a package, specially designed to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

Come and feel the magic of our services!!!

60 Mins         500 AED  |  90 Mins         685 AED