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Hot Oil Therapy

Drift away into a state of blissfulness with this herbal infuse hot oil massage therapy design to detoxify and sooth the central nervous system. It promotes a feeling of warmth and comfort with each stroke. It uses medium pressure to ease the body discomforts and increase blood flow. Joint mobility technique is incorporated to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

60 Mins         315 AED  |  90 Mins         395 AED  |  120 Mins         445 AED    

Organic Candle Massage

A moisturizing and hydrating massage treatment using coco butter and oils in a wax form. When heated it melts into fine soluble oil that is easily absorbed by the body this is an intensive body treatment for the hands, elbows, feet and any other dry areas of the body. The combination of aroma and touch therapy manually manipulate the muscles and caress the skin to suppleness giving way to a balance state of mind and being.

60 Mins         370 AED  |  90 Mins         475 AED  |  120 Mins         550 AED    

Soul Senses Signature Massage

A combination of the palm and thumb pressure will work manually on the postural muscles and release the aching knots on your neck and shoulder. Ideal for any person who have a very active lifestyle, work vigorously and doing strenuous sports activities. The combination technique would ease away your stress and relax you at the same time. Let the healing touch of our therapist work their remedy and give you the much needed rest to give your mind and body tranquility.

60 Mins         315 AED  |  90 Mins         395 AED  |  120 Mins         445 AED    

The Four Hands Massage

Let this soothing and nurturing massage of “Purva Karma” or four handed massage set you in deeper state of mind and body relaxation. The technique of slow, rhythmic but deep movement of two therapist in synchrony will guide your mind preceptors to relax and “let go” of everyday things and just succumb to the deep sense of peace and pampering. Good for body aches and stiffness will help cure insomnia.

60 Mins         420 AED  |  90 Mins         525 AED  |  120 Mins         630 AED